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When you share your transformational story, you create impact and ignite lives. JB Owen, the founder and CEO at Ignite You, is passionate about working with people who have a higher mission and purpose.

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with Rex Sikes

Les Brown and JB Owen are joined Rex Sikes live on the Los Angeles Tribune’s Facebook page! They joined Legendary Thought Leader, Brain Trainer, and Mindset Coach Rex for his All Things Rex weekly show. 

Les and JB Owen want to talk to you all about changing your life for the better. They are marching to a new tune when it comes to igniting humanity and they want to share it with you. Les and JB are big believers in the power of storytelling, so know that when you join them you’ll be hearing some interesting, insightful stories from both with important lessons they want you to learn!

JB Owen was a guest speaker at The New Psychology of Winning tour!

Many people joined JB Owen and a selection of legendary speakers at the 4-day event, including the phenomenal Les Brown. They talked about the qualities that make someone a winner, all inspired by the new edition of Denis Waitley’s famous personal development book.

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