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Ignite Humanity : Cycle 10,000 km across canada 2022!

Ignite Humanity documentary begins and Wisdom from the Back of a Bike launch!

Press Releases & News Articles

6500km Bike Across Top of the World Highway 2021

We’ve Reached the end! 5000km biked across Canada with Ignite Possibilities!

The Ignite Possibilities Tour kicked off in Red Deer, Alberta, and will travel east across the beautiful Canadian countryside and wrap up as we pedal into the city of Halifax.

While challenging the norms, empowering others, and standing up for the paradigm of possibility, JB invites others to challenge their limiting beliefs and go after their dreams. Through her fun-filled and outlandish determination, JB uses her skills, contacts, and perseverance to inspire others as they launch themselves on the road to achieving their dreams. She breaks down the idea of impossible and prove that we can accomplish our aspirations by working towards them with a firm conviction of the mind.

JB’s journey will took her across Canada and to London, Paris, New York, Tallinn, St. Pete Beach Florida, and Beirut. She explored what possibility means in those countries, what believing in possibilities can accomplish, and show that no matter where you start from, you can achieve all that you desire. She also highlighted the importance of redefining values, awaking the power from within, and reconditioning the mind to focus on results — turning on the possibility factor. 

5000km Bike Across Canada Tour 2020

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