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How this heart-Centered Publisher Builds Businesses that Ignite Lives and Uplift Humanity

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Writing a book can be an excellent marketing strategy but writing with the sole purpose of making money won’t cut it. Writing a book from your heart, centred around your unique story, will reach more people, and build a community of followers who resonate with your message and want to know more about your brand.

Meet JB Owen, the Founder and CEO of Ignite Publishing, a book publishing company she created in 2018 on the premise that stories bring people together and ignite moments. JB helps to transform writers into business owners by showing them how to become “authorpreneurs” and ignite their business through authentic storytelling.

Lady JB Owen, CEO & Founder of Ignite Humanity, Receives the Ignite Humanitarian Award at the 2022 Be Great! Humanitarian Awards in Anaheim, California


On September 9th, 2022, Canadian entrepreneur, 22-time bestselling author, publisher, mentor, and founder of Ignite Publishing™, Lady JB Owen, was honored at the 2022 Be Great! Humanitarian Awards for her philanthropy and humanitarian contributions through her initiative, Ignite Humanity. 

Produced by Create Impact and ​​Be Great!, the ceremony was held in the Grand Ballroom of the Anaheim Marriott Convention Center and honored 15 individuals for their humanitarian, philanthropy, and social impact work. These humanitarians came together to celebrate how each and every one of them has created a positive impact and a ripple effect in their communities. From a 13-year-old change-maker to celebrity actors, musicians, nonprofit founders, and socially conscious entrepreneurs, the award ceremony was filled with fantastic people from all different backgrounds. Each honoree exemplified the intention of “How can I help?” through their work. The atmosphere of the ceremony was one of celebration, excitement and love.


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JB Owen is a seasoned entrepreneur who is the founder and CEO of Ignite Publishing™, Ignite Moments Media, JBO Global Inc, Lotus Liners™ and travels internationally as a motivational speaker, teacher, and mentor. In addition to her myriad of business dealings, she is also a 19-time International Best-Selling author with the goal of igniting a global change by connecting the world through stories.

JB Owen has always been an entrepreneur. Her first business was selling Kool-Aid at the age of seven. By age nine, she had started her second venture. “I sold handmade necklaces at a local tavern to couples passing by. I loved to see the smile that my creative work could bring” As she grew older, she would continue to feed her entrepreneurial spirit. Over the next years she would start a nail shop, a clothing company, a eco-friendly feminine hygiene company and several other endeavors.

JB Owen is Knighted

This prestigious investiture ceremony will be held at The Venetian Hotel and Resort in Las Vegas, NV, to welcome new members as Knights and Ladies/Dames on June 4th-5th, 2022.

The Sovereign and Royal House of Cappadocia and The Royal Order of Constantine the Great and Saint Helen will be holding an investiture event at The Venetian Hotel and Resort in Las Vegas, NV, for several nominees, including JB Owen. Owen has been hand-selected and approved on account of her service as a global leader working towards bettering the lives of others.

Much of JB’s leadership comes from the incredible impact she has made throughout her 30 years as a female business owner and entrepreneur. Her most recent accolades come from the global impact she has created with her publishing company, Ignite Publishing. Ignite goes beyond publishing internationally bestselling books that focus on empowerment, transformation, and community. They allow authors to share their powerful personal stories meant to inspire and connect with all who read them.

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