The P in Personal Growth

by | Jun 1, 2021 | Personal Growth SMP

Some people get a bit Prickly when they hear the words Personal growth. For whatever reason, they think Pain or tears are involved. They avoid the Pursuant introspection of having to break down and be a Puddle on the floor. Many are reluctant to dig deep to find the Pivotal moment when they made the decision to not discover what is Possible in their lives. Others resist the Push, the Pressure, and the Perseverance it takes. A few Peter out because they feel it takes too long. Instead, a lot of People Pursue a Prettier Path that ultimately Pushes them off course. They Pick a Plan that feels easier and Plop their butts into the Propensity of Petty Paucity.

If you have ever avoided the Pursuit of Personal growth you are not alone. Sometimes it can be Provoking and somewhat Pyrrhic before it feels Powerful and Peachy keen. Yet, if you have picked up your socks to Pick a new Paradigm in your life, then you know the Peaceful, Plethora of Positive emotions that indeed Prevails.

In the Push-Pull of moving forward, ask yourself, what Possible reasons are Preventing me from Pursuing my most Prestigious and Prolific dreams? What Problems am I Plotting? What Parameters am I Putting myself in? What Presumption of Panic am I Punishing myself with? I want you to look beyond any Paranoia to find the Perks and Pageantry that life is wanting to give you. The world is waiting to see your Potential Personified. Don’t let any Preposterous excuses stop you! Instead, Plow forward and be Proud of who you are. Pursue your Precious wishes and find Pride in your gifts. The Possibilities are endless. Go after them. Reach the Pinnacle of YOU.

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