The Success Equation

by | Feb 1, 2021 | Success SMP

There are a lot of roads to success. Each one is different and all are unique. There is not a single exact template or winning recipe that will get you to the prize, nor is there a secret doorway to provide a shortcut, nor a magic carpet to provide an easy ride. The success you seek is definitely a road filled with the most arduous climbs and the deepest holes. One must be a warrior, courageous and strong in one’s convictions, filled with fuel and fire to traverse the harrowing journey and get to the goal…

Or… not?

For centuries, writers have written about the heroism required to reach the pinnacles of success. Success is synonymous with hard work and grit. Only a few make it. Only the lucky or the privileged get this coveted title.

What if — right now, right here — I could give you the definitive answer and direct access to all the success you could ever imagine? Would you be interested? Would you lean in and read a little closer? Is your body tingling a tiny bit, thinking that right now, right here, inside these very pages you may have found the key?

I hope so because I am happy to tell exactly what has to happen for you to feel all the success you will ever need.

Ask yourself: what are you good at? I mean really really good at? Write down your talents, your unique gifts, and the one thing that you excel at more than other people you know. Think about what you can do so easily — what comes to you naturally — and what people admire for the fact that you can do it so easily, effortlessly, and effectively. Write that down here.

Ask yourself what makes you happy? Really really happy? Write down the things you love to do — the things that make your heart sing and your toes curl. What brings about feelings of glee? Laughter? Pride? Joy? Bliss? What brings you the deepest feelings of freedom, contentment, and peace? What makes you so happy your cheeks hurt from smiling and your entire body radiates with excitement? Write that down here.

Once you have answered both of these questions, I want you to read them over one by one and really lean into the emotions they create. Feel all the pride in what you are good at and the delight from doing what you love. Feelings are the basis of all manifestations and solidify the intent and creation of more of those feelings in your life. Amplifying those sensations and charging them up like a battery will awaken more of those feelings into being.

If you want to be utterly successful and widely content in your life, just do exactly what you wrote in question one and everything you wrote in question two. It is that simple. Do what you are good at and do what you love. Do your natural gift and do what makes you happy. Bravo… success!

It isn’t more complicated than that. We humans get our ego’s involved. We get our love for shiny objects and our desire to impress others and our self-worth all tangled up in so many things that don’t actually matter. We guess at life. We try to be who we’re not. We assume a whole bunch of stuff about things that matter nothing to the ultimate equation for success.

Success is doing what you are good at and what you enjoy. Simple. Precise. Clear. Easy. Doable. Manageable. And fun. Just do that!!

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