Mastering Success

by | Jan 1, 2021 | Success SMP

I am sure the majority of human beings on the planet would love a direct and definitive guide to that place that represents the pinnacle of success. Most of us would love to know exactly what we have to do and precisely what steps to take to achieve the success we desire. The interesting part is most of us are aiming for the success we ‘think’ we want. We look at other people, assume their success is right for us, and then aspire for that. Often we are told by our parents, friends, and mentors what they think success is, and that we should do ‘that’. We end up going about our lives wanting a level of success that isn’t even our own. So many times the success we seek is someone else’s version of success over what we truly desire for ourselves.

Success is often defined by wealth, the kind of wealth you measure using numbers on a bank balance or funds in a bank account. People work hard, too hard to obtain wealth in the monetary means and see success as a number they have to reach. Cars, houses, jewelry, and designer ‘stuff’ are used to flash wealth and signitify the trappings of a ‘rich’ life. In the pursuit of climbing to the top, people often find that their obscure rendition of wealth does not feel like success at all.

In a world ladened with ‘things’ to indicate accomplishment, individuals like you are looking for success in new and more authentic ways. Success is now being defined as being joyful, healthy, content, and at peace. People are aspiring for wellness in their bodies, minds, and spirits, and seeing that as the ultimate indicator of success. Great relationships, helping others, time with family, travel, physical activities, and a dozen other rewarding and personal experiences are the new currency of success; the new paradigm of wealth.

This month, we are focusing on success in every area of life; health and wellness, relationships and parenting, business and finances, self-development and personal growth. All these areas, functioning in harmony with one another, are fast becoming the new markers of a successful life, lifestyle, and way of living. How we breathe, think, love, laugh, and liberate ourselves from anything that confines us is what I like to define as the true ‘currency of success’. Where you land on the scale in your health, wellness, happiness, and connections with others is what allows each of us as humans to indeed achieve success and live in the very center of ‘optimum wealth’.

I invite you to scour the pages and devour the articles in this month’s issue as you read suggestions on how to maximize your success and monetize your happiness in all the areas of your life. Redefine what your ‘currency of success’ is and see where you can raise the bar in your performance, not for dollars but for a deposit into your future joy. What’s designer these days is you designing your life, your way. What’s chic is the clarity you have about what matters most to you. What’s successful is you being the person you were born to be, living freely, and divinely enjoying what blissful success means to you!

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