JB Owen Creates Success For All With Triple Win Philosophy

by | Feb 18, 2022 | PR News Article

When seeking success, it is essential that it be done in a way that is genuine and comes from the heart. Gaining success through manipulation, unfair business practices, competitiveness, or materialism can be harmful to the world and the people living in it.

A truly successful business owner can create success in a way that allows everyone they interact with to thrive while ensuring that no damage is caused by the business that is being conducted. JB Owen has found a way to create success for everyone she does business with, thanks to her Triple Win philosophy. Owen is the founder of Ignite Publishing, a company focused on empowering authors and well-known for their signature ‘Win/Win/Win’ philosophy when approaching business. The Triple Win philosophy emphasizes the importance of creating a situation that allows success for the company, client, and consumer. If all three do not benefit from a business transaction or operation, then Owen feels it should be rearranged in a way that can draw success for everyone involved.

JB Owen acts as a guide and a mentor for authors and aspiring entrepreneurs alike. Her positive mindset and generous approach to business have allowed her to build a reputation as an exceptional person to work with. “At Ignite, we help people to make ‘the soul’ of their business what matters while empowering them to align their personal history with their business’s future. We don’t own people’s stories or collect dividends from books sold by individual authors about their personal processes. We don’t hold people in contracts and hamper them from producing other content or collaborating on projects designed to inspire and help,” shared Owen, founder of Ignite Publishing. “Rather than controlling our clients, we want to teach them valuable skills, such as how to grow a business around being an author. We like to educate our clients on how to create a ‘Triple Win’ throughout their business that benefits them, their readers and customers, the people those people work with, the businesses they touch, the families they serve, and humanity as a whole.”

In addition to being the CEO and founder of Ignite Publishing, JB Owen has founded the companies JBO Global INC, a manufacturing compnay that designs award-winning products. and Lotus Liners a eco-freindly, washable feminine hygene comapnay. Each company founded and run by Owen is managed using the Triple Win philosophy. She continues to inspire and motivate the people around her by running her business in a way that benefits all parties involved.

The Triple Win philosophy is an excellent practice for businesses wanting to perform in a way that is ethical and beneficial to the company, client, and customer. JB Owen has created an uplifting and supportive environment in every company she has founded thanks to her implementation of the ‘Win/Win/Win’ mentality within her business approach. By helping others to succeed, Owen has proven that the Triple Win philosophy is essential to a virtuous and thriving company.

To learn more about Ignite Publishing, visit their website at www.igniteyou.life.

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