JB Owen’s Ignite Publishing Turns Writers into Authors

by | Feb 20, 2022 | PR News Article

Whether you have simply had a genuine interest in storytelling throughout your life or you are already a published author, getting your book in readers’ hands is hard work for anyone. There is a lot to navigate when dealing with content writing, as well as the minefield of competitive publishing companies. JB Owen’s Ignite Publishing was created to ease burdens writers face when wanting to share their stories with the world. Ignite is here to make the process of publishing a book fun and stress-free for a change.  

JB Owen has seen firsthand that many authors struggle with how to best present their message, brand their own book, and grow a business as a professional writer. She saw how the publishing process was complicated and expensive, but worst of all lonely. Authors are expected to know how to do several things on their own, such as planning, editing, designing, producing, marketing, importing and exporting, selling, shipping, and managing social media or public relations around their work. JB knew that her skills as a successful author and entrepreneur could help others navigate the complicated world of publishing. So, she went in with an innovative approach that puts the client first.


Using a caring approach in a competitive industry 

Ignite Publishing was created in February of 2018 with writers in mind. CEO JB Owen did not start the company just to crank out books and fill shelves for profit, like a lot of other publishing companies do. Ignite was created to offer authors a safe place where they could seek help sharing their stories in a caring environment. The company works hard to walk them through the personal process of publishing a book by supporting and teaching them. Clients will be relieved by this new approach, without corporate sales being the driving force. Ignite’s mission is to bring a new approach to the industry that is known for being competitive and uncaring. Owen believes business is rooted in the heart and that the individual must come first.

She understands that one person cannot know everything about the publishing process and that many authors do not know ‘the business’ behind being an author There are a lot of moving parts to deal with, and that’s where a respectable publishing company comes in.  “The start is the hardest part; after that, it is all heart,” she said. Ignite is set up to work with writers one-on-one and do all the heavy lifting for them. Owen has made a stressful, overwhelming process an easy one. Creating a fun process is one of many ways this company stands out from the rest.


Ignite shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon

Since it launched, Ignite has spanned the globe with international bestselling books in all major markets. They have successfully published authors from 12 years old to over 70 years old. JB believes in putting content and clients first, which means celebrating differences and backgrounds of every kind. For more information on JB Owen’s Ignite Publishing, visit her social media page here.