JB Owen Shares the Importance of Telling Your Story to Empower Yourself and Others

by | Feb 12, 2022 | PR News Article

Everybody has a story to tell, but not everybody chooses to share their stories with the world. However, sharing a story can have life-changing impacts on others who can relate to the story or are moved by it in some way. 

People can empower themselves and one another with the stories they tell, and best-selling author JB Owen has made it her mission to motivate aspiring authors to put their stories into words. When founding the publishing company Ignite Publishing, Owen was determined to give writers the courage to share their life stories. Each person’s story is impactful in its own way, and Ignite Publishing works to showcase these inspiring stories. By empowering authors and inspiring them to bring their stories to life, Owen believes she can help them uplift humanity through powerful literature. 

Owen’s company mentors authors who have experienced life-altering moments or have inspiring personal stories to show them how to put their experiences into words to share with the world. By telling their stories, people can heal and process past traumas,, share moments of inspiration, and provide courage for people facing similar situations. Every human has a unique life story and personal experience, and by sharing it, they can speak to the hearts of their readers. Owen and the team at Ignite Publishing act as a guide throughout the process of putting these heartfelt stories into words.

Throughout her career, JB Owen has been passionate about empowering authors by encouraging them to use their stories to drive their motivation and goals. “At Ignite Publishing, we aim to support those authors and provide the most uplifting and supportive environment possible. When a person tells their story, they have an opportunity to motivate and inspire others while also empowering themselves,” shared Owen, CEO and founder of Ignite Publishing. “We publish stories of powerful, personal IGNITE moments designed to speak to the heart of every person, regardless of race, age, religion, or gender. I strongly believe that your story does not define you; it refines you.”

Owen has been working in the publishing industry over the last decade and has written and published seventeen best-selling compliation books and two solo book, so far in her career. Her company Ignite Publishing is currently the leader in empowerment publishing and has published over 700 authors, turning them into bestsellers in over thirteen countries. Through her professional and creative endeavors, Owen has been able to educate and transform writers of all sorts. “I launched Ignite Publishing because authors needed a place where they could tell their genuine stories in a safe and caring environment. The writing process is incredibly personal, and first-time authors need a company that supports, teaches the process, and honors their content; not alters it or cuts it up to simply make a sale,” stated Owen. 

Ignite Publishing continues to motivate aspiring authors and holds strong to JB Owen’s intentions of wanting to encourage people to share their impactful stories to benefit themselves and the world. To follow the latest updates from JB Owen, visit her Instagram