JB Owen, Top Female Transformation Leader, Ignites Humanity With Upcoming Book, Film, And Charity Collaboration Project

by | Jun 14, 2022 | Ignite Humanity, PR News Article

Ignite Publishing announces Ignite Humanity, a project compiling the wisdom and insight of global thought leaders in both book and video format, all while raising money to build schools and homes for those in need.

Ignite Publishing (https://igniteyou.life) CEO and Founder JB Owen is about to embark on an ambitious new project: Ignite Humanity. A combination of a book, a documentary, a TV series, and a fundraising initiative for charity, Ignite Humanity’s purpose is to uplift, inspire, and positively change humanity around the world. Ignite Humanity brings together high-level thought and legacy leaders who have made a major humanitarian impact on a global scale. Compiling the best wisdom from the brightest leaders, Ignite Humanity is a project about how we can come together, create community, and collectively work towards a better, enlightened future for all.

The program begins in June 2022, when executive producers JB Owen and Peter Giesin hit the road to cycle their tandem bike 10,000 km across Canada, where they will stop along the way to interview and film individuals who have had an ‘Ignite Moment’ in their lives that has inspired them to Ignite humanity. This will be the third year the duo has embarked on a summer-long cycling trip for charity, but this is the first year they are ramping things up by turning their experience into an opportunity to show the world how amazing, generous, kind, giving, and supportive people are. “With everything going on in the world, people need to see that goodness and kindness, that giving and caring still prevail,” says Owen.

In 2020, Owen and Giesin cycled over 5,000km to raise money for The Sunshine Foundation, a charity that supported kids in Canada living with severe physical disabilities or life-threatening illnesses. In 2021, they cycled over 6,500km through the prairies up to the Top of the World Highway in the Yukon, raising money for the Ignite Possibilities School of Hope initiative, a fundraiser working to build a school for underprivileged children in Cambodia.

With that giving spirit in mind, Owen and Giesin plan to continue raising money for the School of Hope by cycling coast to coast, stopping along the way to learn from Humanity Leaders and everyday people making an impact in their communities. These messages of hope, change, and legacy for a better future for all will be recorded in both the book and in film.

Ignite has had major success in the past with its books. With 19 compilation books and 8 solo-authored books becoming international bestsellers in the past 3 years. They have gone bestsellers in 13 countries, with authors from over 47 different countries around the globe. Ignite knows the power, diversity, and inclusion that needs to go into a book designed to transform lives. Ignite Humanity is no exception.

The Ignite Humanity book will be a compendium of all the transformative thoughts and ideas each author has used to ignite the world. This compilation book featuring dozens of authors will have a chapter dedicated to each thought leader’s story, told in their own words, each containing a powerful, innovative message for change. People need to read stories of hope, perseverance, and innovation. Stories bring us together, connect us, and share ideas with the power to change the world. They transcend race, color, and creed, When you read a story that moves your heart to believe that you can create positive change on this planet, that moves the needle forward on humanity.

THE Documentary and TV SERIES
The Ignite Humanity TV series is set to film this summer, featuring the authors on screen sharing their powerful Ignite Moments; those pivotal moments that lead to enlightenment, show you a new way forward or create a major rippling effect in your life. They are moments that transform your life into something bigger and better. Producers Owen and Giesen are set to interview all participants located in Canada on location with their film crew, while those outside the country will be interviewed virtually. Ignite will have an exciting, dynamic line-up of participants from around the world including Les Brown, Sir Dr. James Dentley, and David Meltzer just to name a few. The entire project will be an innovative look at how great minds are creating radical, positive change in their communities and the world at large.

Ignite is furthering its impact by including a charity component in the Ignite Humanity project. Ignite has a long-standing partnership with the charity Classroom of Hope, which builds schools and homes in areas where many children do not have access to education. Currently, Ignite runs the Ignite Possibilities School of Hope initiative, which seeks to build a school in Cambodia. Forthcoming is Ignite’s Homes of Hope initiative, which aims to build 100 homes made of recycled materials for those who lost their homes during the 2018 earthquake in Lombok, Indonesia. A portion of the profit made from Ignite Humanity will go to these initiatives and the book and TV series will serve as a platform to fundraise for these amazing charity projects.

JB Owen says of the project, “If you want to make a difference, you have to be the difference. Ignite is looking for innovators, leaders, and global change-makers who will add depth and breadth to this important initiative by sharing how they are impacting the planet in a positive way. They want to showcase those individuals who are moving the needle of humanity forward in a way that benefits others. They believe that the more we can spread the message of ways to Ignite Humanity, the more we can shift the paradigm and create a better Humanity for All. Nominate someone you know to be featured or apply yourself if your mission and goal is to Ignite Lives and Impact Humanity.”

Sign up and learn more at: https://humanity.igniteyou.life.

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