Helping Writers Tackle Challenges in Publishing: JB Owen Takes Them By the Hand

by | Feb 9, 2022 | PR News Article

Weekly Post Gazette

It’s typical for writers to face challenges when curating their stories, but an even more frustrating roadblock is finding the right publishing company to work with. Many find the sales-driven industry to be off-putting, and even limits their success in telling meaningful stories. But JB Owen is changing the ultra-competitive approach, and turning these typical challenges into new opportunities. 

When launching her company, CEO of Ignite Publishing JB Owen noticed that writers were slow to trust for fear of being taken advantage of. For many first-time authors, publishing their stories is a complicated and lonely road. Their apprehension was the first thing Owen had to confront. Many writers shared with JB how hard it was to find someone they can trust and how lost they felt working with large publishing companies. They felt insignificant and like the big companies only cared about making a sale and not about devlivering a powerful message. Ignite, the company Owen created in 2019, set out to change the reputation that publishing had gained, and reassure authors that she was dedicated to their success. The goal was to help writers’ growth first, not the growth of the publishing company. 

Turning challenges into opportunity

Instead of turning away from challenges or giving in to the ways of other publishing companies, JB Owen worked hard to reeducate her clients and inspire them with the possibilities. The first step was reassuring people that the company’s goal was not to profit off their hard work, but to work alongside them and help create profit for the author. Changing the way people thought about publishing houses was a major hurdle, especially after so many had already had bad experiences before. Convincing jaded authors that this process would be different was accomplished by showing clients that the publication process can be enjoyable, impactful and supportive. The publisher and client share a  common goal of creating an impact on the world through words, and that’s what separates Ignite from the rest.

Helping authors overcome challenges through education

To set authors up for success, JB Owen wanted to teach them about the bigger picture. Igniting lives and impacting humanity are the key things to keep in mind when working with her. The relationships between the company, the author, and the reader are all intertwined to make a positive impact together. Ignite wanted to show people how to share their personal life experiences and market the most meaningful content possible. To develop writers, the company offers an innovative four-month writing process. They have one-on-one editing, author training, and business branding insight. This close-knit community is more than just a publishing house, and serves writers who want to grow their businesses. Ignite teaches writers how to run a business for themselves by showing them how to build a brand and refine their own individual message. 

“That message comes from within them, is birthed from their story, and roots people to who they want to become. We tell them, ‘You are your business and your business is you,” Owen said. Success is all about mindset and JB believes nurturing authors to reach their goals and work with them is the best way to conduct her business. Being a writer can be lonely sometimes, but you don’t have to do everything by yourself. To learn more about JB Owen and her mission to guide writers on becoming bestselling authors, find her on social media here.