JB Owen Changes the Game for Feminine Care Products with Lotus Liners

by | Feb 8, 2022 | PR News Article

Typically, women and people with uteruses experience monthly periods for several days at a time—this is a significant portion of their lives! Purchasing disposable menstrual hygiene products can be expensive, as well as harmful to the environment with excessive amounts of waste.

One woman decided to address these issues of wastefulness and steep prices by creating a menstrual hygiene product that is reusable, stylish, and eco-friendly. JB Owen, a best-selling author, and successful publisher has launched Lotus Liners, a company that makes reusable liners that can put an end to the issues of waste and lack of affordability for menstrual hygiene products. Using Lotus Liners can help women save thousands of dollars over time on feminine care supplies.

The liners are available in three different sizes and easily snap around the underpants, making them comfortable and discreet. Different styled designer prints are available for Lotus Liners, adding fun and fashionable touch to the monthly period experience. If cared for properly, Lotus Liners can last from three to five years and are easily machine washable without the need for harsh detergant and bleach. The products are also free of unknown chemicals and harmful toxins like some disposable tampons and pads on the market can contain. With Lotus Liners, Owen has changed the game for feminine care products and redefined what feminine hygiene looks like.

The founder of Lotus Liners, JB Owen, is dedicated to conducting business in a way that is both socially conscious and eco-friendly. “I wanted to create a product by women for women. Periods shouldn’t be a time that people dread; it should be as comfortable as possible without breaking the bank,” explained Owen. “With Lotus Liners, women and people with uteruses no longer have to spend countless dollars on menstrual hygiene products that also happen to be harmful to the environment. Many people call Lotus Liners the best period product on the planet, and that’s because we have dedicated ourselves as a company to create a high-quality, eco-friendly product that everyone can enjoy using. They’re comfortable, easy to use, and they come in fun colors so we can celebrate their periods rather than just survive them.”

JB Owen combines passion, purpose, and possibilities into all of her endeavors. She has made it her personal mission to have a positive impact on humanity with every project she takes on. In addition to founding Lotus Liners, Owen is the founder of Ignite Publishing, Ignite Moments Media, and JBO Global INC.

Lotus Liners are available now for sale across the countray and online. When using reusable Lotus Liners, women and people with uteruses can do their part to reduce unwanted refuse in landfills and preserve our planet while maximizing their comfort during their monthly period. The super-absorbent and leak-proof liners are designed with care to change the way people approach menstrual hygiene.

For more information about Lotus Liners or to visit their online shop, go to www.lotusliners.com.

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